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MMOC Website Assistance

You've received this email in reply to your request for assistance with an issue with the MMOC website. This automatic reply has been constructed to answer the most regular support requests we receive from users, and to signpost you to a 'real' person for support if your question is not answered here. The odds are very high though that your answer IS in this email, so please read it carefully before contacting us with the details below.

Logging In / Registration

How to log in properly to the website features

By far the biggest issue people email about relates to attempts at logging into the 'Members Area' of the website using 'Messageboard credentials or vice versa. The two sets of log in details are not transferable and if you use the wrong one in the wrong location you will not get access. Joining the MMOC does not automatically create you a Members Area account and you must register in order to use this area. The pictures below should help you see the different login sections.

Messageboard Login

This Login is for the messageboard, for reading and commenting on posts on the messsage board and creating your own posts only, and does not require you to be a MMOC member.

When you create an account on the messageboard, you are asked for your own choice of 'username' and password. It can take up to three days for a registration to become authorised.

MMOC Site Login

This Login is for members of the MMOC only, once registered. It permits you to check when your membership expires, and to renew when that date is close, and to administer to your 'garage' of vehicles.

When you create a Members Area account (one is not created automatically for you when you join the MMOC) your email address is your login, and you will be given a password after you register.
Please check carefully that you are not using the wrong credentials in the wrong place when attempting to login - more than nine out of every ten people who contact support are in relation to this single issue.

Also please note that messageboard applications are dealt with by a part time volunteer who is not sitting waiting all day for your request to join. Please be patient and give him time to get to your application. If you have not had a reply within three working days then please feel free to request someone look at it for you using the contact details below.

Members Area applications are handled at the office during normal working hours. Your application must be verified against a membership number so again please give staff sufficient time to authenticate an account request.

Password problems

Both login forms allow you to create a new password if you have forgotten your own. However if you've forgotten your password AND your username for the forum I am unable to authenticate your original account and you will have to create a new one. If you've requested help with your password previously and have been allocated a less than memorable one by me, you can change it yourself by going to your profile and entering your old and new password. Know for sure you have the right password but still not getting in? Chances are your CAPS LOCK key is on - passwords are CaSe SensItiVE.

Still having problems?

Okay, please get in touch using one of the addresses below. For issues with the messageboard, email and try to give as much info that might help track down the problem as possible. If you send an "I can't log in. Cheers, Fred" message, please don't be surprised when I ignore you. Please don't take offence - Yes, I could just write back and say "Well you'll need to tell me your username before I can find you". But after you've done that four times a day, every day, I'm sure you'll lose patience with it too! I have lots of better things to do than try and track down what your username is before I can even begin to find out what your logging in problem is - tell me your username. If you're emailing from a different address to your account, say so. Remember that joining the MMOC doesn't automatically mean you have an account on the board - you have to actually create one first.

To rectify problems with logging in to the Members Area only, please instead email, with your membership number and your name and address, and the office staff will attempt to assist you.
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